About Us

We here at patchnride™ are cyclists with all kinds of riding experience and backgrounds. We came together to form patchnride™ because of our passion for cycling and the universal desire to fundamentally change the most frustrating aspect of riding a bicycle - getting a flat tire!


With our patent pending technology, patchnride™ will not only change how people deal with getting a flat tire on their ride, but it will also help save the environment. It is estimated in the United States alone, that there are more than 20 million flat tires in a year, and most of them will end up in a landfill. This number does not reflect the numerous punctured tubes and tires outside the United States. patchnride's™ technology is a permanent solution. Your inner tube will never need to be replaced again.


Our first and foremost goal at patchnride™ is to provide an easy, convenient, quick and permanent flat bike tire repair system that everyone can count on - 100% of the time. Our product was tested and proven by real riders and racers like us.


Enjoy Your Ride
patchnride™ Team.