Frequently Asked Questions

  • General

    How many flat tires can you fix with 1 single-use patch pod?
    Currently, each patch pod is a single-use cartridge and can repair one flat tire. Our engineers are working on the future versions that will have multiple patches per patch pod.
    Is patchnride™ safe?
    Yes, patchnride is completely safe. The Goodyear Tire Company only considers a tire safe to ride after a flat if is patched from the inside. patchnride repairs the tire from the inside without ever removing your wheel or tire.
    How many times can I patch a tire?
    You can use patchnride as many times as you would like, as long as the puncture does not occur on the same or next to an existing repair. In our test we patched the same tire 4 to 5 times on the same test ride..
    What size holes can you patch — what if my tire has a huge hole?
    patchnride will easily patch inside holes up to 3mm. If the integrity of your tire through a big cut is compromised, we do not recommend that you attempt to repair or ride on the tire.
    Who developed the product?
    patchnride was founded and developed by a group of passionate cyclists ranging from road racers, endurance athletes, mountain bikers, commuters and pleasure riders.
    Does patchnride work on sidewall cuts or pinch flats/snakebites?
    Where can I purchase patchnride?
    Currently you can find patchnride our website. International shipping is available.
    Is patchnride patented?
    patchnride has several patents filed for its technology.
  • Function

    How does patchnride work?
    With a regular repair you encounter 12 to 18 different steps. This is time consuming, messy, frustrating and difficult. With patchnride you have 4 easy steps:

    1) Locate the puncture with our leak detector.
    2) Remove any debris with the patchnride tool and insert into the puncture.
    3) Make sure the tool is fully inserted in the tire and push the go button on the tool and release the Air Seal Patch .
    4) Remove the tool from the tire and press down with your thumb on the repair. There will be a little rubber piece sticking out and that’s your signal that the repair is complete.

    You have now finished a successful permanent repair and can go on with your activity.
    How quick is the repair?
    With patchnride you will have finished your repair in less than 60 seconds. A traditional repair or permanent patch would take you up to 20 minutes.
    Is patchnride a sealant?
    No. With patchnride there is no need to use a sealant.
    What kinds of tires can patchnride fix?
    Patchnride works on tubular, clinchers, mountain bikes, cruisers, tubeless tires, fat tires and running stroller tires.
    How can one tool work for all kinds of tires?
    Patchnride uses replaceable patch pods. Our patent pending repair system was designed with interchangeable and replaceable patch pods. You only have to determine what bike you own, choose the patch pod accordingly, snap it on the tool and you are all set.
    Does patchnride work for tubular tires?
    Yes, especially tubular tires. Patchnride is the world first permanent repair on the go for tubular or race tires without ever having to remove the wheel or tire. Before our invention you had to throw away and buy and re-glue a new tire or go through and old fashioned pain staking long repair process by dismounting, un-sewing, and then patching the tire, re-sewing and eventually re gluing the repaired tire. Yes that’s what racers did in the 50s and 60s to save some money. Now with patchnride everybody can afford to ride the best tires money can buy.
  • Warranty

    Does patchnride offer a warranty?
    Yes, patchnride has a 3 year warranty on the patchnride tool.
    Does the patch pod come with a warranty?
    The patch pod has a 1 year warranty and expiration date of 1 year from the date of purchase.
    What happens if I lose the patch pod – can I refill it – will it harm the tire inside if it gets lost?
    You cannot lose a patch on the inside of a tire. Our patch pods will only release the patch to the inside if properly inserted into the tire. In the case that you lose a patch pod you just have to get out your spare one, clip it on the tool and you are all set again. We recommend bringing at least 3 spare patch pods with you on your ride.
    What if I can’t work the product? Is patchnride difficult to operate?
    The patchnride repair system was designed for people of all ages and experience levels. There is no prior technical knowledge needed!
    Has anyone ever failed to operate a patchnride tool?
    No; not to our knowledge.
  • Leak Detector

    What is the Leak Detector?
    The Leak Detector is an invention of patchnride to help you easily and quickly find a puncture or leak in any kind of tire without ever having to remove the tire from the wheel.
    How does the leak detector work?
    You put the liquid on the outside of the tire and the leak detector will show you where the leak is.
    Do I need air in the tire to find the leak?
    Yes, the tire will need some air in order for the leak detector to work. Most of the time when a puncture occurs there is still some air left in the tire. If you are totally flat just put a little air in the tire, and the leak detector will do the rest.
  • Flat Tire 101

    I have a flat tire. Does that mean my tire is no good?
    There may or may not be anything wrong with the tire itself. It is most likely due to a hole in the inner tube.
    My tire lost air over the past couple of weeks and I can’t find a hole in it. Is that normal?
    Yes. It is very normal for a tire to lose air over a period of weeks. This does not mean you have a hole in your tire. You may just need to pump air into your tire(s). Using the patchnride leak detector will give you a definitive answer to this question.
    How often should I check my tire pressure?
    If you use high-pressure tires, you should check the pressure at least once per week. Slow leaks that take more than an hour or so to go down can often only be repaired by replacing the inner tube, since it may be impossible to find the hole.
    What causes a tire puncture?
    Punctures are caused by running over sharp things, which poke a hole through the tire and into the tube. Punctures may be caused by glass slivers, thorns, nails, bits of wire or other small, sharp objects.
    How do I fix a puncture?
    The typical puncture puts a small hole in the tire, which doesn't have a huge effect on your bicycle riding. The fix for punctures is by patching or replacing the inner tube – BUT, don’t forget to remove the pointy thing from the tire before you put it back on!
    What is a pinch cut?
    Pinch Cuts result from hitting stones, curbs, or sharp edges of holes in the road surface. When the tire hits a sharp edge hard enough, it compresses, so that it bottoms out. The inner tube can get pinched between the rock and the rim. Pinch cuts usually put two small holes in the tube. This type of damage is sometimes called a "snake bite", because the two holes look like the wound made by the fangs of a snake.
    Will a pinch cut ruin my tire?
    Pinch cuts sometimes ruin tires as well as tubes, but usually the tire will not be damaged. However, the impact that causes a pinch cut can also make a dent or "blip" in your rim.
    What is a tire blowout?
    Blowouts are sudden losses of air, usually accompanied by a loud BANG! Since the inner tube is just a rubber balloon, if you pump it up outside of a tire, it will stretch bigger and bigger the more air you put into it, until it pops. The inner tube will not take much pressure by itself. It needs to be held inside of a tire to get up to full pressure. If the tire doesn't hold the tube in all around, the tube will pop.
  • Other Cool Facts

    Do you have a video available that shows me what the patch pod does and how it works?
    Yes, a demonstration video is available on our site.
    Can I help a fellow cyclist who has a flat at the side of the road?
    Yes, as long as they did not take off the tire of the rim. If the tire is still on the rim, even if it’s not inside of the frame you can use the leak detector to locate the puncture, mount the right patch pod on the tool for the bike, and your friend will be back on the road in no time. We encourage our patchnride customers to help fellow cyclists who are stranded with a flat. Submit a photo or video to our Facebook page of you helping a cyclist with patchnride and we will send you a free patch pod.
    What size and weight is the tool? Can I carry it with me on my bike rides?
    Our tool measures 5 inches and weighs less than 100 grams. It was designed to go with you wherever you go. You can carry it in your back pocket, underneath your seat, or in special carrying bags.
    Does patchnride have a halter that I can strap the tool to my bike so I don’t have to carry it around me every time I take a ride?
    We are currently working on solutions for different applications. We are hoping to release an innovative solution by the end of 2014.
    Do you have a contact number?
    Yes, you may reach us at 1-855.720.4170
  • Pre-Order/Referal Faqs

    How do I get my $ 5 credit?
    After you place your order and your card is charged, you will receive an email from patchnride that contains a specific URL referral (a link designed only for you). If anyone clicks on your link and places a pre-order within 90 days of your order, you will be credited with $ 5.
    Are there rules for this wonderful patchnride $5 credit on my pre-order?
    Of course!
    (i) The person(s) that you refer must fully be charged for their pre-order. Once their card is charged, the $ 5 credit will be sent to you.
    (ii) You can only earn up to the value of your pre-order in credits. So, basically, you can get your patchnride for free. The maximum value of your personal referrals is $ 25.
    (iii) Even if your referrals place multiple patchnride orders, you still will only receive $ 5 per referral.
    (iv) Credits you receive are only for referrals received by patchnride up to and including the first 90 days after you pre-order was placed.
    (v) Only referral codes generated by the unique URL you receive after you pre-order will be valid for patchnride credits.
    How and when do I get my $5 credit(s)?
    Each $5 credit will go back to the same card you used for your pre-order without exception. You will receive an email each time you get a credit for one of your 5 referrals. If there are any issues, we will contact you immediately to make sure you get the credits you deserve..
    Does the person who referred me get notified? How?
    Yes. And by email.
    Are credits transferrable?
    No. Only the person who placed a pre-order can use the referral link to send to other potential patchnride customers.
    Will there ever be a scenario in which patchnride owes me money?
    No. You can only earn up to $25 in credits. That's 5 referrals = a free patchnride !
    Can I use my credits to purchase anything else on
    No. The credits will post to the same card as you used to make your pre-order. You can buy another patchnride if you like with the same card, but the credits are not akin to cash.
    What if someone who I referred returns the patchnride ? What is the statute of limitations?
    Your credit will be reversed and your card will be charged $5 per return. Up to 90 days out. If someone returns after the 90 days, you will not be charged the $5 return referral fee.